If you are having a Windows 8 computer but you prefer to use the Desktop mode to use it then, you may find it irritating when you open a program. For example, when you open a picture on Desktop mode in Windows 8 then you would like it to be opened in the Windows Image Viewer or when you play a video then instead of a window, it starts playing in the full screen Modern interface by default.

So you may feel like to change the default program to open a particular type of files like images, video, PDF files etc. There is a simple way to select a particular program to open all supported file types in the Windows 8 and Windows 7. Just follow the steps explained below.

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HOW TO : Customize Default Programs for Windows 8 Desktop Mode and Windows 7

1. Go to the Desktop. Type the "Default Programs" in the search bar and open the utility.

2. Now click on the "Set Your Default Programs"

3. Windows will scan all your programs to create a list of the available applications to select from.

4. Click on the Windows Media Player and then click on the "Set This Program As Default" option. It will make Windows Media Player the default player for all supported format.

5. If you want to use Windows Media Player as default player for a particular media type or file extension then, click on the "Choose Defaults For This Program" option. It will show you a list of all supported format. You can select the ones of your choice.You can also select any other programs of your choice as the default program.

6. Now follow the same steps to select Windows Photo Viewer to view images in it by default.

The steps to make Acrobat Reader default program to open PDF files is a bit different. Follow the steps given below for that.

HOW TO : Make the Acrobat Reader as Default Program for PDF Files in Windows

1. Open the Default Programs utility following the steps mentioned above.

2. Now, click on the "Associate a file type or protocol with a program" option.

3. A list of all file type will be generated in the left sidebar. Select the .pdf out of them.

4. Click on the "Change Program" button and select Adobe Reader from the given options.

The same steps will work for the Windows 7 as well. So if you want to change the default programs to open a particular file type in Windows 7 then, just follow the same steps.

Have a look on the video given below for the detailed tutorial for changing the default program on Windows operated computers.

HOW TO : Customize Default Programs on Windows 7 (Video)