One of the best thing about Windows 8 is its flexibility. You can customize it a lot according to your need. Windows always provided the Print Screen (Prt Scr) functionality but Windows 8 is having a dedicated folder to save screenshots.

The default path for the screenshots folder on Windows 8 is "C:\Users\%username%\My Pictures\screenshots" which is a bit deep inside your computer. So, it is better to have the screenshots folder where you can easily locate it.

Also since it is on C drive and if you take lots of screenshots, you would like to move the screenshots to some other drive to free some space on C drive.

Windows 8 provide the facility to change the default screenshot folder according to your choice. If you want to change the default screenshots folder on Windows 8 then just follow the steps given below.

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HOW TO Change the Default Screenshots Folder in Windows 8

1. Visit the Screenshots folder at location mentioned above.

2. Right Click on the Screenshots folder and then, click on the Properties from the options shown.

3. The Screenshot Properties window will appear. Click on the Location tab and then click on the Move button.

4. Now browse the folder where you would like to save the screenshots. It is better to create a screenshots folder before starting this process. If not browse to your desired location and create a new screenshots folder now and select it.

5. Click on Apply and OK buttons to save the changes.

6. Now, a ‘Move Folder’ dialog box will appear on the screen. Just click on Yes and to apply all the changes you have made.

Now, all screenshots you capture will be saved only in the new folder of your choice. You can again change it to some other location if you want by following the same procedure. In the future, if you would like to change the screenshots folder to its default location in C drive then you can do that even easily by following the below steps.

HOW TO : Revert Back to the Default Screenshots Folder in Windows 8

1. Follow the above steps to reach the Location tab in the Properties of the new Screenshots folder.

2. Click on the Restore Default button.

3. A dialogue box will appear showing that the desired folder does not exist anymore, and will offer you to create it again.

4. Click on the Yes option which will create the Screenshot folder at the default location.

5. A new dialogue box will appear which will ask you to move all your previous screenshots to move to this default folder. Click on the Yes option.

Now, the restoration process is completed and all your screenshots will be saved to its default location on your Windows 8 operated device.