It is no secret that geeks run the modern world. Who else would be able to code websites like Facebook and Google, which are used by the masses? What other kind of human would embrace traditional geek trades and become a statistician, mathematician or cyborg activist? However ridiculed geekery was in the past, today's nerds are admired for their superior intellect and innovative inventions.

Ben Silbermann, for example, is a former stamp collector who graduated from Yale and went on to found one of the decade's most successful startups, Pinterest. In 2012, site users increased exponentially – up to 17.8 million as of March – making Silbermann one of the year's most recognizable entrepreneurs.

“I wanted to create a service that’s a bit timeless,” he explained. “Helping people discover things that they didn’t know they wanted.”

Pinterest users will not be surprised to learn that this founder has a love of collecting things; the online bulletin board helps surfers organize countless blog entries and photographs for future perusal.


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