The new Sony VAIO VPCZ133GXB notebook comes with Windows 7 pre-installed and is a perfect notebook for everyday computing needs – but it also stacks up very well in terms of multimedia and entertainment functionality so is definitely one of the best buy laptops for 2013.  Here’s a short review and assessment of the Sony VAIO VPCZ133GXB so you can see if it would be a suitable fit for you and your laptop needs.

Sony VAIO VPCZ133GXB : Hands-On Review

In terms of computing power, the laptop has an Intel Core i5-460M processor and also includes NVIDIA GeForce 330M. The Sony VPCZ133GXB has 4GB of RAM, a 128GB hard drive, plus optical drive, integrated webcam, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, VGA, and many other functions that come at an affordable price and compare very well against rival competitor products.

In terms of portability it is very light weighing in at just over 3 pounds.  You can use it on the move as the 6-cell battery will give you 7 hours of continuous battery life.

Hardware Specs and Performance

The Intel Core i5-460M processor that is built into the Sony VAIO VPCZ133GXB has been clocked in tests to be 2.53 GHz. If you know Intel, then you will be aware that their processors are famous for the Turbo Boost technology. Without getting into too much technical detail, this means that your laptop can be given an extra power boost when handling large file sizes or applications that need more processing power.

In terms of the graphics, then the performance is not too bad, but there are better ones on the market.  To be blunt, I don’t think that I would recommend this laptop if you want to play fast-paced action games as it might not quite perform to how you would expect.

Why to Buy the Sony VAIO VPCZ133GXB

  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Long battery life of up to seven hours
  • Comes with a good Intel processor
  • Includes webcam
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices
  • Priced at under $500 dollars making it reasonably cheap

Why Not to Buy the Sony VAIO VPCZ133GXB

  • Hard disk and drive could have more space
  • Screen size quite small at just 13 inches across
  • Not very good for playing heavy graphics games

More Specs and Features of Sony VAIO VPCZ133GXB

  • Screen : 13.1-inch screen including a 1600 x 900 pixel resolution. The LCD screen is LED backlit.
  • DVD Burner : Reads and writes CDs and DVDs in many different formats.
  • Audio : Comes with High Definition Audio – sound quality impressive.
  • Networking : Will work with Ethernet LAN and can also work wirelessly.
  • Webcam : Set up to work with Skype and is built into laptop seamlessly.
  • Dimensions : 12.4 inches in width, a depth of 8.3 inches, and 1.3 inches high.
  • Weight : Only weighs 3.13 pounds. 

Overall I would recommend this laptop as one of the best buy gadget..  It will probably suit you for at least a couple of years, unless of course you want to play the most modern games on it – if that’s what you want from a laptop then I would advise looking elsewhere.  As an everyday laptop though this really does fit the bill.