YouTube is world's second biggest search engine after Google. It shows the potential it is having to drive huge traffic to a website or blog if used properly. Earlier, webmasters used to put the link of their websites in the description of their YouTube videos but now you can embed the external links on the video itself using the YouTube's Annotation feature.

HOW TO : Embed Clickable Externals Links of Your Blog in YouTube Videos

This is specially beneficial if you make a video of a how-to guide or tutorial post and embed the link of the detailed tutorial post on the video. By this way, you can easily drive traffic from YouTube to your website. And since this links are more visible, you get the better CTR as well.

But you can use this features only with the website which is associated to your YouTube channel. If your website is not associated with your YouTube channel then, visit the link given below to associate your website with your YouTube channel.

HOW TO : Associate Your Website with Your YouTube Channel

Once your account is associated with your website, follow the instruction shown in the video below to embed your blog links on your YouTube videos. You can also read the instructions given below the video.

HOW TO : Embed Clickable Externals Links of Your Blog in YouTube Videos

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Embed Clickable External Links of Your Blog in YouTube Videos

1. Open your YouTube video on which you want to embed your blog link.

2. Click on the “Annotations” link.

3. On the new page, you wil see a banner appearing and asking you to “Enable Your account for External Annotation Links”. Just click the “Enable” button. Now, your YouTube channel is fully enabled to embed the links of your blog on your YouTube videos.

4. Now, click the "Add Annotation" button and select any of the option from the drop-down menu.

5. Type the text for your annotation, select the duration for which it will appear and drag it to your desired location on the video.

6. Mark the “Link” checkbox and select the “Associated Website” from the drop-down menu.

7. Paste the desired URL of your blog in the text field given.

8. Save and Publish your video and you will find a clickable link of your blog embedded on the YouTube video.