Posting something interesting is one of the best way to grab attention on social media. Few weeks back, I have posted about how to geotag fake locations on your twitter tweets and this time I am sharing something for the Facebook users.

You can create Facebook wall posts with custom content in it. You can add any image, Facebook user's name, number of Likes, texts, comments, timestamp etc. It is totally customizable. So, you can make Mark Zuckerberg commenting on your post or your favorite celebrity Liking your wall post or your blog's Facebook page.
Create Fake Wall Posts Status on Facebook

You can even make these fake Facebook wall posts for your friend's Facebook profile as well. But do it only for the purpose of fun and better to take permission from them first.

Have a look on the above image showing a custom Facebook wall post which I have created. Looks interesting? Then just follow the steps give below to create a custom Facebook wall post for you.

HOW TO : Create Custom Wall Posts and Status on Facebook

1. Go to

2. Click on the "Connect" button. On the next page, click on the "Okay" button to authorize this Facebook apps to access your profile.

It may ask you also for the permission to post about this app on your profile to let your friends know about it. You better click on the "Skip" button this time or it will spoil all the fun.

3. One the authorization process is complete, you will be back at The Wall Machine and the Facebook wall post creator will appear on the screen. You will get the different types of options at bottom of the fake Facebook status creator like Text, Friendship, Photo, Relationship, Like and Event.

Create Fake Wall Posts Status on Facebook

4. Select the type of post which you would like to create and then click on the editable areas like texts, comments or image to add the content.

You can even use the image of your friends or any image from your computer. You can even search the Google Images and use the images from it. You can add multiple activities on a single post as shown in my fake Facebook wall post above.

5. Once you are done with adding all the content, click on the "Save" button.

6. A popup windows will appear asking you to give a title and tags to your fake Facebook wall post. This step is to publish your creation on The Wall Machine. If you do not want it to be published then, mark the "Public" option. Once all done, click on the "Save" button.

Now your fake Facebook wall post is totally ready. You will have the sharing options enabled and a dedicated link to your fake Facebook wall post and status which you can share with your friends.

Have a look on the below video tutorial to understand the instructions and all features of this Facebook app perfectly to create a custom Facebook wall status update.