Modern smartphones allow users to not only connect with each other but with the rest of the world.

And the Windows Phone 8 is one of the best for allowing them to keep their fingers on the pulse. With stylish devices manufactured by Nokia, HTC and Samsung, the company's advanced operating system and innovative user interface have helped it become a firm favorite among tech users.

Windows Phone's advanced capabilities are also a dream for app makers, allowing them to unleash their creativity upon its user-friendly screen. From entertainment to banking, smartphone apps help speed up transactions and allow ease of access - read on to find out some of the top ones you could acquire for your Windows Phone today.

Best Windows Phone 8 Apps


Video chat is the future of communication and users can already experience the benefits of it on their Windows Phone.

Skype is the most famous name in the world of mobile chat, allowing you to speak with your contacts for free anywhere in the world across the internet. The benefits of this app is that is continues to work even when you don't have it open, meaning your friends and family can reach you on Skype at any time.

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When is a smartphone not just a smartphone? When it's also your portable music collection. offers one of the most comprehensive subscription music libraries around, providing you with the freedom to listen to your favourite tunes without having to worry about clogging up your phone's memory. This easy to use app allows Windows Phone owners to simply navigate between their favourite artists, with also recommending new bands to check out based on your most popular selections.


Where would we be without Facebook? The world's premier social media platform is perfectly suited for the phone. This Windows-developed app combines its sleek Metro design with Facebook's popular features. As well as updating statuses and checking photos, users can also easily access their calendars and notifications through this app.

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Take notes or record important conversations on the go with Evernote. This cloud-based app allows users to document these details without using up their phone's memory, with it also allowing automatic cross platform syncing to allow ease of access on PCs and laptops.

Amazon Kindle

What do you do to keep yourself entertained when you're on the move? The Amazon Kindle app means users can store their favorite books on their smartphone, providing a convenient way to keep them occupied during the day's duller moments. So whether they’re on the bus to work or the train while on holiday, Window Phone users can browse titles before securely buying them in the Amazon Marketplace.

What is your favorite app for the Windows Phone?

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