Skype can be just another application you use for chatting or it can be the most used application on your computer that you use for multiple purposes. Many people have little or no clue what Skype is all about and the features it can offer along with many other supporting applications. Here is a list of some secret Skype tools and tricks that can help you in multiple ways.

Top 5 Skype Tips & Tricks

Top 5 Skype Tips and Tricks

Connect Facebook

You can connect with your Facebook friends from Skype once you decide to pay for Skype credits. If your friends sign into Skype, you can call them free of cost otherwise you can send them text messages. You will have to sync Skype with Facebook to use this feature. Just go to the Facebook tab on Skype interface and click on “See news feed in Skype” You simply see a call and text button next to the name of each of your friend.

Skype Call Recording

There could be many reasons for you to record your calls. It could be business or personal and it is great to have a free tool to do so. Paid tools are also available to record the calls made through Skype. There is a tool found at that lets you record your Skype calls for free. You can connect Callgraph to Skype and activate it from the advanced options in the tools menu. There is a link titled 'Manage other program's access to Skype' which will help you activate this tool. Once activated, a red recording button will be visible to record the calls.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some useful Skype keyboard shortcuts that can make your Skype experience better. Though Skype has a good interface with buttons for all functions, there are hotkeys that will make the job faster. You will find this feature in advanced options of the tools section. You can create your own hotkeys in addition to those that are already available.

No matter how good a tool is, it gives you few problems sometimes. Sometimes, the issue leaves you wondering whether it is just you or a wider community that is facing the problem. Though it is not too often that Skype has issues but this is a good feature to have especially after the 24-hour downtime last year.

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Top 5 Skype Tips & Tricks

Online Number

What if the friends you want to connect to do not have a Skype ID and do not want to use it? You can still have them call you by using an online number. Go to your profile section and find the link at the bottom that says ‘Get an online number’. Once you have this number, you may even discontinue your land-line number and make the online number your primary number. The subscription rates for an online number vary from country to country.

Add Video as Skype Status

Skype also lets you add a video as a status based on your mood. This video can be uploaded on Dailymotion or Metacafe. Most platforms do allow you to write a textual status message or even upload a picture of yours. These mood videos can express how you feel at a particular moment and can communicate the same to your friends. This ‘Add video to your mood’ feature is available in your profile section. You can also add a text to the video before you save it for your friends to view.

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Not only that, you can also use Skype for video calls. In the age of globalization, people travel across the world for business and leave their families behind. Video chatting through Skype is a boon for them. Also people who do not travel for business but work with international clients find it useful and cost effective to conduct meetings through the video conference facility. You can chat with up to 10 friends using Skype. You can also use this feature from an iPhone or iPad. Skype has its application designed for mobile phones too.

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There are so many useful features that Skype has and third party tolls that can be used along with Skype. Most of us do not know it and face problems accomplishing our goals. There would be very few people who would know all of the above secret Skype tools and use them. These tools not only make life easy but also get things done quicker. Equipped with this knowledge, you can focus more on the work that is to be done rather than how to make it work through Skype.