Using Facebook to promote your brand, event and product allows for an easy way to build awareness. However, the social media platform has strict guidelines on image size and ad specs that you need to follow.

TechWyse created the below Facebook Image Sizes Cheatsheet infographic to help social media professionals and graphic designers create perfectly sized photos that matches Facebook’s criteria. Without the right dimensions your image risks being cut off or pixelated.

Creating a presence on Facebook is an important part of promoting your business, event, brand and product. Images that are high quality with engaging text are what help you to drive engagement. Besides promotion, many companies use their social media occupancy to generate revenue and without the proper image dimensions, Facebook may even deny your ad altogether.

Facebook updates its platform frequently which can make it hard to keep up with their image demands. The most recent update changed the business page design and recommended image dimensions. The below infographic highlights the image sizes that Facebook currently accepts and explains the character limit needed for the text that lives above or below photos.

Did you know that Facebook doesn’t prefer Promoted Posts with more than 20% text? Most social media professionals and marketers are not aware of this fact because of all the recent changes to Facebook’s platform.

The below Facebook Image Sizes infographic is available for download. You can also bookmark it for a reference to consult as needed. Any social media professional, marketer and graphic designer can use this data to boost their product, promote their event and raise awareness for their brand on Facebook without sacrificing the quality of the post’s accompanying image.

Happy Facebook’ing!

The Latest Facebook Image Size and Dimensions Guide (Infographic)

Facebook Image Size and Dimensions Cheat Sheet for 2017 (Infographic) -
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