To the majority of the people, blogging is something not serious. They believe that it cannot be a full time career, it is not a good way to earn money, it is not a reliable tool for changing the lives of the people. They also believe that it is not a hobby, a fad, a diversion that will come and go.

Surely, you can easily start a blog, but it does not count to make any money for you. First, you must learn how to create a blog that generates revenue. There are many websites and Google tutorials on blogs to explain you step by step process of blog creation.

Once you tell your friends or family to make money blogging, they will politely smile and ask “does anyone make money from that?” They want you to be real. It seems silly to them. However, it is possible as you can earn a lot from blogging.

How to Make Money Online by Blogging

These are the three things you need to know before starting :

Just Not a Blogger

The time you determine to use blogging to earn money, you are not only a blogger. At that time, your blog becomes a business, and you are an entrepreneur. You have heard of financial planning seminars. Blogging is like those free seminars. You are giving your knowledge and expertise in attraction consumers and winning their trust.

Do Not Use Banner Ads

It is a big mistake to sell ads on your blog in the very beginning. If you are successful in the engaging audience, selling ad spots is not a smart move. It includes different variations such as sponsorship, advertising networks, and Google AdSense.

If you are not having a huge traffic then it putting banner ads will not make enough money and will also repel your readers by creating a greedy impression of you.

Start with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a smart strategy to earn money. It is a quick and fast way. Instead of investing and waiting for months creating products, all you need to do is to publish an affiliate link on your blog or email newsletter. Assuming your visitors are engaged, you may be earning commissions within minutes.

Here are the basic five steps of how to make money from your blog using affiliate marketing:

How to Make Money Blogging

  1. Set up a blog (choose WordPress or Blogger whatever you like)
  2. Write good quality contents and engage in good SEO practices and social media to drive traffic to your blog
  3. Covert online visitors into email subscribers
  4. Build trust of email subscribers and visitors through good communication, useful tips and quality content
  5. Sell services, products your consumers wants by email newsletter and affiliate links on your blog