Facebook is having three different types of pages - Facebook Profile, Facebook Groups and Facebook Business Pages aka Facebook Pages. Many people do not know the difference between all these and few people just create a profile page when they actually wanted to create a business page to promote and get Facebook Likes for it.

And if you are one of them then, you do not need to worry. Facebook now provides a tool using which you can convert a Facebook Profile to Facebook page very easily in just few steps.

This tool will migrate all your friends in the existing Facebook profile to the new page and they will be converted into the Fans of the page. Your profile image from the Facebook profile will also migrate to the Facebook page. If it sounds good to you then, just follow the steps given below to change your Facebook profile into the Facebook page.

HOW TO : Convert Facebook Profile to Facebook Page

1. Login to your Facebook profile which you want to convert into a Facebook Page.

2. Though it is not necessary, you better backup all the data of your Facebook profile as this migration process will only migrate your profile image and friends to the new page as mentioned above. Visit the link given below to backup your Facebook account data.

HOW TO : Backup and Download Your Facebook Account Data on Computer

3. Now click on this link given below to go the Facebook Profile to Business Page Migration Tool.

Click here to visit Facebook Page Migration Tool

 Convert Facebook Profile to Facebook Page

4. On the migration tool page, select the category under which you want your upcoming migrated page to appear.

5. Once selecedt the category, filled the required information for that particular category. Mark the TOS option and click on the "Get Started" button.

6. Once the migration process is finished, all of the images from your profile will be transferred to the new page and your friends will be converted into the Fans of that page.

7. You will be able to login to your Facebook account using the same old email and password to update this page. If you want you can also assign Admins to this page and can manage from some other profile as we do usually on Facebook.