Incognito mode on the web browsers is a great way to browse the Internet without being tracked by the various websites. Many websites leave cookies on your computer to track your activity for various purposes like to provide targeted ads in the future, for login sessions etc.

You may like to avoid this tracking of your online activity for better privacy and to avoid any security breaches. Incognito mode on any modern web browser let you browse the websites without saving any cookies or session history on your computer.

It also does not store any session history in the browser. So if you want the browsing history for a particular website not to be saved then also you can use the incognito mode.

But switching to the incognito window for a currently opened tab is a bit time consuming. First you will have to open the incognito window then copy and paste the URL of the page you are currently browsing on the address bar of the incognito window. But now there is an easy solution for this.

Incognito This is a nice Chrome browse extension which let you quickly switch between the normal browsing and incognito mode without doing all the manual task.

All you got to do is to install the browser extension and click on it when you need to browse a website already opened in tab. Incognito This will then open that page in the incognito window. When you want to browse the page again in the normal window, just click on the Incognito This button on the extension toolbar and the webpage will be restored in the normal browser window.

HOW TO : Quickly Switch between Normal and Incognito Browsing Mode
You can find few similar extensions in the Chrome Web Store but the best thing about Incognito This browser extension is the customization options it provides to the users.

You can switch multiple windows to the incognito mode together. You can also assign the keywords in the website URLS for which Incognito This will automatically open them in the incognito mode. You can also assign shortcut key to use this browser extension if you want.

It also gives the facility to assign a time interval for which the browser extension will work and after that duration, it will automatically open the website in the normal window. You can also select to clear all the history and session cookies of a particular website which you are going to open in the incognito mode using the Incognito This browser extension.

It is really a nice tool if you would like to have more privacy for your Internet browsing sessions. Click on the link given below to install it.

Download and Install the Incognito This Chrome Extension