Google is the most popular search engine and provides lots of nice features to get the exact thing we are looking for. But if you want to see the results on Google for a specific time frame then what?

If you look at the search results on Google, it specifies the time on which the page appearing on the search result got indexed. Chances are that the page is an old one and also the thing mentioned on it but since it got indexed recently, it will appear as a fresh page in the search result.

But now Google provides the facility to get the search results for a specific time frame. All you got to do is to use the Search Tool provided by Google for narrowing down the time frame for which you would like to get the search results.

Just follow the instructions given below to get the search results for the websites indexed in a specific time interval on Google.

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HOW TO : Get Google Search Results for Specific Time Frame

1. Search for your query on Google.

2. On the search result page, click on the “Search Tool” button appearing in the navigation menu below the search query field bar.

3. Two new drop-down menus will appear the navigation menu now for narrowing down your search result. Click on the left side drop-down menu and select the desired time frame appearing on the option.

HOW TO : Get Google Search Results for Specific Time Frame
4. If you want to search for a custom time interval of your choice then, just click on the “Custom Range”.

5. A new popup window will appear on the screen showing the calendar. Just select the time frame and click on the Go button. Now the search result will appear only for that time duration.

It is really a nice feature specially if you are looking to get some information about some historic event or just want to get the result of the articles published in a particular time frame.