Internet and web browsing are one of the most important part of the computer related activities these days. Chances are that your web browser is always open on your computer and you use it frequently while doing some other work.

If you love multitasking then you may need to use some other application of your computer while using the web browser. The standard way for that is to either minimize the browser window and launch the application or go to the Start menu of Windows and then launch the application from there.

But it will take some time in following all these steps. Wouldn't it be nice if you could launch desired Windows applications right from your web browser? Now you can do that easily with the help of a nice Firefox add-on. Just follow the steps given below.

HOW TO : Launch Any Windows Application Directly from Web Browser

1. First of all download the Easy Access Firefox add-on from the link given below.

Click here to download Easy Access Firefox Add-On

2. Now restart the browser. You should see Easy Access bar at the bottom of the browser. If it is not visible to you then press CTRL + / to make it visible.

HOW TO : Launch Any Windows Application Directly from Web Browser
3. Click on the Gear icon and it will show you the list of default applications which you can launch now directly from your Firefox browser.

4. Now, click on the "Manage Your Own Easy Access" option to personalize this tool. You will find two tabs now "Add to Add-on Bar" and "Customize Your Quick Launch".

"Add to Add-on Bar" shows all the Windows applications available to you to use in the Easy Access. You can select or uncheck the tools to use according to your preference. In the "Customize Your Quick Launch" tab, you can include more programs and tools to add on the Easy Access Firefox add-on to use.

HOW TO : Launch Any Windows Application Directly from Web Browser
5. Click on the "Add to Easy Access" button. Now browse the file or shortcut which you would like to include into the list of Easy Access. You can also give a name of your choice to this shortcut.

Keep in mind that this Firefox plugin just let you launch something quickly from your web browser. It is not necessarily need to be an executable file. If you want, you can add any file like an image, video, song etc.

6. Once you are done, click on the OK button. Go to the "Add to Add-on Bar" tab and then select all the newly added Windows tools to the Easy Access and then click on the OK button.

Now you will be able to see all the selected  applications on the Easy Access context menu on the Firefox browser. You can now launch any application directly from the browser window.