Firefox is fairly secure from default, but there are some privacy and web tracking add-ons that make it even more secure. If you browse the Web daily using Firefox, you’ll definitely want to check these add-ons. To make things easier for you, here are the 10 essential security add-ons for Firefox browser you want to start with.

10 Firefox Add-Ons for Better Privacy and Web Tracking

Ad Hacker

10 Firefox Add-Ons for Better Privacy and Web Tracking - Ad Hacker

Web advertisers can be quite aggressive when it comes to tracking your browsing history, since it’s in their interest to know as much about you as possible. They can track you using hidden cookies and beacons, as well as other similar tricks. Ad Hacker provides a description of the trackers that watch you.


Spammers and hackers can get to you through Java, JavaScript, or executable content that runs automatically once you access a dubious website. NoScript blocks all those types of content from untrusted websites, letting you manually choose what to run and when.

Web of Trust (WOT)

Makes surfing the Web more secure by enabling you to check website ratings submitted by other users, as well as to submit your own ratings. WOT is reliable, being backed by millions of global users, people just like you who want to browse the Web safely. With VPN service you can experience it was meant to be.

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Super-cookies track you over extended periods of time, and cannot be deleted, or at least not easily, like normal cookies can. BetterPrivacy protects you from super-cookies. Other tool to prevent yourself from super cookies is start using VPN service.

Close n’ Forget

10 Firefox Add-Ons for Better Privacy and Web Tracking - Close n’ Forget

With Close n’ Forget you can instantly close the open tab, and delete the cookie and domain related to it from your browsing history. Simple and fast, Close n’ Forget is a handy privacy add-on.


Individuals or companies interested in your Web surfing activity can track you by using hidden trackers, pixels, or web bugs. Ghostery spots these hidden devices, helping you maintain your privacy while browsing the Web.

Panic Button

10 Firefox Add-Ons for Better Privacy and Web Tracking - Panic Button

If you’re in the habit of browsing websites you shouldn’t be browsing while at work, you’ll love this add-on. Panic lets you instantly close all Firefox tabs and open a new tab that you’ve previously configured to look as if you’re working.


By default, Firefox comes with a limited proxy, which is not sufficient if you want to use proxying to increase your privacy while you browse the Web. FoxyProxy is a proxy management add-on with extensive capabilities, that gives you all the configuration options you need.

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Targeted Advertising Cookie OPT-OUT (TACO)

10 Firefox Add-Ons for Better Privacy and Web Tracking - Targeted Advertising Cookie OPT-OUT (TACO)

TACO blocks targeted advertisements from over 100 online advertising networks, including big names like Google and Yahoo. It basically works by blocking that section of the web page where you would normally find contextual ads or the like.


Another powerful cookie suppresser, CookieCuller effectively blocks cookies from specific websites. This add-on is best used with untrustworthy websites – using it indiscriminately on all websites is not a good idea, because it can often render them unusable.

Finally, remember that there are many other useful privacy and security add-ons for Firefox in the official add-ons directory.