There is an app for everything these days, so it only makes sense that there would be a huge selection of the smartphone apps available for parents, nannies and babysitters. After all, if you are like most others, you don’t have time to go to the computer to find the information you are looking for every time you have a question. Apps simplify your life!

Top 8 Apps for Parents, Babysitters & Nannies

WebMD Mobile

Rather than running to the doctor or guessing what is wrong with your child every time they have an ache or sniffle, this WebMD Mobile helps to determine what their symptoms could be from. You can insert where the pain or issue is as well as any symptoms, and the app gives you an idea of what is wrong. Of course, this should in no way replace a visit to the doctor, but it does give you an idea of what is going on.

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Sit or Squat: Restroom Finder

Sit or Squat: Restroom Finder

How many times have you asked your child if they have to go to the bathroom and then once you are on the road again, all of a sudden, they have to go? For some, this is a daily occurrence! If you are a parent, you may have already mapped out every bathroom from home to your destination, but a sitter or nanny that is not so familiar with an area will likely find themselves scrambling to locate a destination. This app will become your best friend. Not only does it tell you were the nearest public restroom is, it tells you exactly how far away and if it is open or closed.

Intellijoy Kids Educational Games

This collection of games is fun to use and they are educational. While you are driving in the car, sitting in a waiting room or standing in an endless line, just give your child your phone and let them play. With this app, you will find games that include letters numbers, colors, shapes, puzzles and more.

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Top 8 Apps for Parents, Babysitters & Nannies - AroundMe

This app is super handy to use while you are running errands, or if you are just someone that is always on the move. AroundMe will tell you where the closest bank, café, gas station, hospital, hotel, restaurant, movie theater, etc., is from your exact location. This is a handy app to use while you are on vacation too, whether you have children or not.


With this easy to use app, you can upload pictures taken on your iPhone or Android directly to your Shutterfly account in one easy step. You can organize and create albums, and send them directly to family and friends as well.

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Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies

Need a little help with naptime or bedtime, and your singing it just not doing the trick? This app will help soothe a crying baby or put a child to sleep. Alternatively, it is nice for you to listen to when you have five minutes to finally relax. There are eight different sounds to choose from, such as rain, birds or a flute, and you can even set a timer, to make sure you don’t drift away to sleep yourself!

Have you ever noticed that when you get in the grocery store, you can’t remember what you need to make a certain dish. Either than, or your creative mind just shuts down and you can’t think of one thing to make for dinner! will help!

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Events Finder

Have a little time to do something, but don’t have any idea what is going on that’s exciting? Events Finder will let you know where the closest movies, libraries, free events, sports games, outdoor fun, fairs and festivals, concerts and shows are to go to no matter where you are.

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