Turn your smartphone in a chef's assistance with one of these 5 apps with vegetarian recipes and tips.

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Vegetarians And Vegan Cooking

1. VeganYumYum - Free

This free app is based on the award winning vegan food blog and is packed full of fun and easy vegan recipes for every meal of the day and every snack in between. Each recipe has step-by-step instructions with pictures and an ingredients checklist that comes in handy when at the grocery store. The recipes can be searched through, as well as organized, for a little more customization. Get this app if you’re looking to make beautiful and tasty vegan food of both the classic and creative types.

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2. SAF RecipeBox - Free

SAF (Simple Authentic Food) Restaurant has two locations. On is in Istanbul and the other in Munich. They also have an app that brings these fantastic gourmet raw vegan foods to your kitchen, wherever it may be in the world, by providing simple step-by-step recipes and pictures for each of their unique dishes. Ingredients checklists, health ratings, average times needed for preparation, and the tools you will need for each dish make this app incredibly thorough and informative yet simple. The style of these recipes are those that you would find in a gourmet, reservations-only type of restaurant and would expect to pay top dollar for. Now, with this free app and a little bit of experimentation and practice, you can enjoy the health benefits of a more raw diet while impressing your dinner guests at the same time.

3. Epicurious - Free

While not being solely vegan or vegetarian in content, this app has an excellent variety of recipes that will satisfy even the strictest of vegans. The over-1000 vegan recipes have been compiled by vegan diet author Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and are in a very simple, user-friendly app. The only downside is that most of the recipes in the app are non-veg, but it’s still worth a try for the thousand and some that you‘ll get to put to use.

4. Whole Foods Market Recipes - Free

This app is full of all types of recipes (veg and non-veg) from dinner to dessert to drinks. You can filter by what type of recipe you’d like, such as recipes for kids, or vegan recipes only. A really unique and handy feature of this app is the ability to enter the ingredients or main ingredients that you have or wish to cook with and get a list back of all recipes that use those ingredients. This feature is perfect for those days when you’re craving something specific and want to add some variety to the way you prepare that ingredient, and also for those nights when you have a fridge full of random things and want some organization in how to mix them all together into something called dinner. If you like Whole Foods Market, you’ll like this app.

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5. The VegWeb Vegan Recipe Finder - $2.99

This interactive app is filled with recipes that have been submitted by vegan users all over the world. This is great for variety of recipes, as ten people might make vegan pumpkin bread 10 different ways. This app also has tons of unique and random recipes that people have discovered on their own through kitchen experimentation. Currently, the recipe database is at over 13,000 different recipes! You can share your own recipes with other app users, and share what you find on the app on Twitter, Facebook, or through email. Since this app is user-based, it’s constantly growing in size and content as more and more people begin to participate and share their favorite concoctions.