Long car journeys can be a trying experience for both kids and their parents. Keep your children happy and settled by giving them kid-friendly gadgets. Here are the top ten portable gadgets to keep your kids quiet while you're trying to drive.

Top 10 Gadgets To Keep The Kids Quiet On Long Journeys

Top 10 Gadgets To Keep The Kids Quiet On Long Journeys

Nintendo DS Game Console

The Nintendo DSi, DS Lite and 3DS are very popular consoles with kids of all ages. Nintendo releases fun, child-friendly games on a regular basis, which means that your kids can have an enjoyable gaming experience even on the longest journeys.

Sony PlayStation Portable

The PlayStation Portable is another handheld game console with a good variety of games. The PSP also offers a good-sized viewing screen and movie watching capabilities.

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is almost sure to keep kids quiet on long trips. It comes with an army of applications and educational games. Kids can do a host of activities, from writing in the word processor to learning how to play the piano or beating their sibling's high score in a game.

LeapFrog LeapPad

The LeapFrog LeapPad is the go-to tablet for the younger set. Designed for kids aged four to nine, the LeapPad is inexpensive and durable. You can fill the LeapPad full of educational games, apps and activities to keep your little ones busy on long car trips.

Apple iPod Touch

Older, more responsible children would love to get their hands on an iPod Touch. This gadget allows teens to keep quietly busy playing games, using apps, watching videos, making video calls and surfing the web. It holds a ton of their favorite songs as well.

Apple iPod Shuffle

The Apple iPod Shuffle is a cheaper version of the iPod Touch and more suitable for younger kids who might drop it, spill things on it or take it apart. This MP3 player is also user-friendlier, so even the most non-tech savvy kids will be able to use it.

Rear-Seat Entertainment System

Rear-seat entertainment systems are a great way to distract children with entertaining movies or video games. Various high-quality models exist, so look for one with internet access if you have a teenager or a dual-screen version if you have more than one child.

Portable DVD Player

A portable DVD player might just become your best friend if you need to keep your kids happy on long road trips. Look for a model that offers a large screen, good battery life and at least an 800x400 resolution.

Amazon Kindle

Young bookworms will appreciate the chance to read to their hearts' delight on long trips in the car. Handing them an Amazon Kindle puts over a million books right at their fingertips. This gadget is a surefire winner for keeping avid readers quiet and content.


Curious kids will undoubtedly enjoy using the WikiReader gadget. This portable encyclopedia lets them search the entire English version of the Wikipedia site. No internet connection is required for them to browse over three million topics.