When, in April 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram, the technological marriage between social networks and mobile photo sharing applications became evident to many. There are clear advantages to photo sharing, among which we can highlight unlimited and safe storage, the possibility to personalise your privacy settings, and the convenience of sharing your favourite pictures simultaneously with many people. This article will review five of the most popular photo sharing applications, and will point at their best features.

Top 5 Photo Sharing Apps


Instagram - Top 5 Photo Sharing Apps

One of Instagram's major appeals lies in its in-built capability of modifying photos. Therefore, even ordinary-looking snapshots can end up looking as if they had been taken by a professional photographer. Instagram's picture modification settings are far from what applications like Photoshop offer. The focus here is on improving the picture by adding one of Instagram's seventeen filters, which allow the user to adjust settings like sharpness, contrast, colour, and brightness.

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Before the launch of Instagram, Flickr was the most popular photo sharing application. It is estimated that the site holds over six billion photographs, and the figures keep growing. You need to create an account to start using Flickr, and choose between free and paying account options. The free membership is more than sufficient for most users, as it allows the upload of 300MB per month.

Like other photo sharing applications, Flickr allows users to edit their privacy settings, so only certain pictures can be seen by certain people. Another interesting feature is its integration into major photo editing programs, like Photoshop or iPhoto, making direct upload from these programs possible.


Top 5 Photo Sharing Apps

This application is not limited to photo sharing. In fact, Posterous is a micro-blogging site, and as such, it allows users to post not only images, but also text, videos, and other multimedia content. The application cannot be beaten in convenience: it requires no account, since content can be posted directly from any e-mail address. Posterous' interface also facilitates social media sharing, and it can even be linked to your Flickr account.


Twitter users automatically have a TwitPic account from which pictures can be uploaded to their Twitter page and subsequently tagged (although users have a choice as to whether they want to share the pictures on Twitter or not). Followers can then comment on the photos uploaded and create conversations around them.

TwitPic also allows users to create photo streams that showcase particular events or themes. It is expected that in the near future, TwitPic will offer geo-location services.

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Top 5 Photo Sharing Apps

This is an excellent application for uploading, organising, and printing your digital photos. Users can create scrapbooks with their favourite snapshots and post them, so that others in the community can comment, download or even order prints of the photos they like. Each user is given a unique URL that hosts their pictures and that can be personalised as if it was a blog.

The application offers useful tips and advice to those looking to take high-quality pictures and organise them. Photos can also be imported from other social media websites