Each and everyday lots of gadgets and cell phones are being sold. But what happens when these gadgets are no more in use? If they are not working and are totally dead then, they are called as the electronic junk. Since various hazardous metals are also used in these gadgets, the electronic junk is dangerous to the nature and our health. So, it is better to dispose our old gadgets and cell phones in proper manner or give them to a recycling center nearby.

If you are having cell phones which are in working condition but you do not want them to keep anymore then, you can sell used cell phones online too. Mots of these old cell phones are either sent for the reuse in countries such as China, Africa, India etc. or they are refurbished and sold in the bigger market. If your phone is not in the working condition then it will be recycled in an environment friendly way.

HOW TO : Sell Your Old Cell Phone Online
SellCell.com is a old cell phone comparison site which let you get the best price for your old cell phones. It is the USA's best cell phone recycling price comparison site. Here you can compare the price of your old cell phone on many old cell phone buyer sites. This way, you get the best price for your old cell phone.

You can see where you can get the most cash for an iPhone 5, 4, or 3 that you don’t want anymore.

Selling an old cell phone with the help of SellCell is really easy. All you have to do is to visit the site and search for cell phone which you want to sell, in the search box. It will show the result from the various old cell phone buyers. Here you will able to see that how much a particular site is offering for your old cell phone. Just select the best deal from the search result and click on the 'Sell Now' to visit the cell phone buyer's site.

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HOW TO : Sell Your Old Cell Phone Online
Now just follow the instruction there and fill your details etc. to send your phone to them. You do not even have to pay for shipping your phone to the old cell phone buyer. You can also select the various payment method if they buyer's site offer many. When the phone is received and checked for the condition, you will get the money as cash or vouchers. It is just that simple.

By selling the old cell phones, you are helping others and the nature too. The best thing is that you will get good amount of money too for that. So if you are also having old cell phones which you want to sell then, SellCell is the best place for you to get the best price for your old cell phones.