Internet is mostly used these days for sharing information and data. We usually share various files and data using the cloud services where other people get access to our content. But what if you want to share your emails to some other person or a group of people for some specific purpose? Earlier we used to do this thing manually by forwarding any important email to other person but now there is a very easy and effective solution of this problem.

Grexit : Share Knowledge from your Email Inbox is a nice service for professionals to share their email inbox to share the knowledge and to avoid the emails from dying in the inboxes. You can create a knowledge base out of your email inboxes.

Grexit works on the Google Apps basically. You can share and receive information in your inbox in various ways. Few of them are mentioned below.

● You can add an email discussion to a shared repository using the Grexit browser extension.

Grexit : Share Knowledge from your Email Inbox

● Using the Shared Labels feature of the Gmail, you can share email conversations. All you have to do is to just attach a label to the desired conversation and it will appear in the inbox of the people you want to share with.

● If you are the admin then, you can define rules for automating the process of pulling content from email inboxes and adding to the shared repository.

You can use tags to organize the content. It will also help others in discovering the stuff they are looking for. You can also create access rules for tags to control who can access your shared emails.

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Grexit : Share Knowledge from your Email Inbox

Grexit is available free for the first month. After that you will have to pay $1 per user per month which is really a small amount if you want to handle your business efficiently. You can get the Grexit from the Google Apps Marketplace by visiting

To know more about the Grexit, watch the video given below.