Laptop Trackpad is used to scroll, click and perform various other tasks which you do with the help of a computer mouse. If you are an Apple and Mac lover then, you should be knowing that trackpad of Apple Mac laptops like MacBook Air is having gesture capabilities which makes working on your Apple MacBook so easy and more productive.

Here is a complete list of Apple Trackpad gesture tips and tricks which you can use to work more effectively on your Apple MacBooks. If love your MacBook, you will love it in even more using these trackpad gesture.

If you do not like to use the computer mouse much then, these Apple MacBook trackpad tricks can really help you in better productivity.

HOW TO : Use Apple MacBook's Trackpad for Better Productivity

1. App Exposé on an Apple MacBook laptop allows you to see all the windows that are open in a particular app. You can have a look on the App Exposé just by swiping down on the trackpad of your Apple laptop with four fingers.

2. To open or select something like a link, just tap once on it.

3. To perform a right click anywhere on the screen, just move the cursor to the desired point and then tap two fingers on your Apple laptop’s trackpad.

4. If you are interested in finding out the definition of a word using the Look Up feature, tap on the trackpad with three fingers.

5. To drag or move something on the screen, just tap on it with three fingers, hold the object, and move the object around.

6. Apple also provide two different options for scrolling the pages on the screen. You can select either the Natural or the Traditional way of scrolling according to your preference.

Tips and Tricks to Use Apple MacBook's Trackpad Perfectly

7. Just like your touch screen smartphone, you can use two fingers to pinch in to zoom into an image or webpage, and also to zoom out.

8. Apple MacBooks provide the Smart Zoom facility which you can use to zoom a specific part of the webpage by double-tapping with two fingers on the trackpad.

9. You can easily rotate an image by using your two fingers and twisting it in a circular motion to get the desired position or orientation of the image.

10. You can scroll web pages simply by scrolling left or right using two fingers on trackpad.

11. If you love to use the Multiple Desktop feature on your Apple MacBook then, you can easily swipe between them with four fingers on the trackpad by swiping left or right.

12. Apple MacBook laptops provides a Mission Control feature which gives you a quick access to the full-screen apps, Dashboard, Exposé, and Desktops and provides you an overview of everything available on your system. You can use the Mission Control just by swiping up with four fingers on your trackpad.

13. To have a look on all the nice Mac apps you have installed on your Apple MacBook, pinch inwards on the trackpad of your device with your thumb and three fingers.

14. You can perform the exactly opposite task from above i.e to see your desktop without any of the installed apps, pinch your thumb and three fingers outward.

If you know any other nice Apple MacBook's trackpad tips and tricks then, feel free to share it in the Comments section below.