Since the launch of the iPhone 5S, people are exploring and talking about its features. One of the highlighted feature of the iPhone 5S is the ability to capture the slow motion video, popularly called as Slo-Mo video recording.

iPhone 5S takes the slow motion videos at 120fps to provide a nice slow motion experience. The slow motion video recording on the iPhones 5S is based on the hardware used in it.

But what if you are not having the iPhone 5S or not planning to buy one in the near future but would still want to have the Slo-Mo video recording feature on your old iPhone 5? Well, there is always an app for that.

Slow motion video recording for iPhone 5

SlowCam is a nice iPhone app which is advertised as the “Realtime slow motion video camera”. SlowCam can take slow motion video on 60fps and 120fps both, depending on the version of iPhone you are having. If you are having the iPhone 5 then, you can record the slow motion videos at 60fps and on 120fps if you are a proud owner of the iPhone 5S.

There are few highlighted features of the SlowCam iPhone app. One of them is having the “Torch” functionality which let you use flash of the device while recording the video. Still I do not know the logic behind giving it a name like Torch instead of just mentioning as the flash of the device.

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One of the benefit of this app is that it renders the video in the background. It means you can start recording the next video even when the previous one is still being rendered. You can also set focus and exposure point together or separately according to your wish.

Though this app is now available for only iPhone 5 and above, it is nice that iPhone 5 users can enjoy the slow motion video recording on their iPhone 5 without buying the iPhone 5S.

SlowCam is available in the App Store at the price tag of $1.99 and you can download it from the link given below

Download the SlowCam for iPhone