Skype is one of the most popular software and smartphone app to make free voice and video calls. Just like most of the VOIP apps, making voice and video calls to another Skype users are free. You can also make cheap calls to non-Skype users or landline phones by paying subscribing to Skype’s paid service.

But there are lots of other premium features also available for which you will have to pay some amount to Skype. Few of those premium Skype features are Group Video Calling , Group Screen Sharing etc.

Since these features are usually for business purpose, they are categorized under premium features and are not available for the free version of Skype. But now you can get premium Skype features for free.

HOW TO : Get Premium Skype Features for Free
Skype is out with the Skype Collaboration Project under which it is offering the premium Skype features for free to Skype users for one year. The services you will receive under this Skype offer are –

1. Free Group Video Calls – Up to ten people at a time

2. Free Group Screen Sharing

3. No Advertisements

4. Live Chat Customer Support

Sounds exciting? Just follow the instructions given below to get premium Skype features like Group Video Call and Group Video Sharing for free.

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HOW TO : Get Premium Skype Features for Free

1. Click on the link given below to visit the Skype Collaboration Project page.

Visit the Sype Collaboration Project Page

2. On the page above, enter your email id which you use to login into your Skype account and click on the Send button to submit it.

3. Now, check your email. You will receive an email within 48 hours from Skype having a voucher code inside.

4. Follow the instructions given in the email and click on the link in it. On the new page use your Skype credentials to login into your Skype account.

5. Now, copy-paste the voucher code in the given text box which you have received in the email , accept the terms and conditions and click on the “Redeem Voucher or Prepaid Card” button.

6. You will receive the message on the screen that your code is accepted and your order will be processed within 15 minutes.

Once the order is processed and start appearing in your Skype Purchase History and you receive an email regarding the successful order delivery, you can start using the premium Skype features for free for full one year.

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