The new profile page design of Twitter was in progress since last few months. First there were rumors and later some leaks came out that new Twitter profile page layout is going to be the similar to the Facebook layout. Recently, Twitter started upgrading some Verified Twitter accounts to the new layout and now they are slowly started providing the new Twitter profile design to common users.

HOW TO : Get New Twitter Profile Layout

The difference between the old and the new Twitter profiles one are as follows :

1. Profile photos are bigger than the old profile.

2. Header images are more immersive and bigger as well. Any image you choose for your header will be automatically resized to fit perfectly. You can also edit your pics or play with colors and see the difference in real time.

3. Now, you can pin your favorite Tweet to the top of your profile, so nobody misses it while visiting your Twitter profile. You can also swap it out anytime you want.

4. The new Twitter profile page shows the number of ReTweets and Favorites a particular tweet got. Earlier we used to click on the More link to get those information for a tweet. Also, the tweets which got better response than other tweets will be shown bigger on your profile.

5. You can now see all your images and videos in one place. You can easily filter them by categories like favorites, followers, and more.

6. Timeline is changed to show you more and more original Tweets without showing lots of replies to give you one seamless timeline.

If these features sounds good to you and you can’t wait to get the new Twitter profile layout on your account then just follow the steps given below.

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HOW TO : Activate New Twitter Profile Layout on Your Account

1. Visit the official Twitter new profile introduction page from the link given below.

Twitter New Profile Introduction Page

2. Scroll down to the end of the page and click on the “Get It Now” button as shown in the below image.

HOW TO : Get New Twitter Profile Layout

3. Voila, you should be seeing your Twitter profile in the new layout now. On your header image, you will find a confirmation message as shown in the below image.

HOW TO : Activate New Twitter Profile Layout on Your Account

4. Just click on the “Turn it on” button to activate the new Twitter profile design on your account.

Once your new Twitter profile is activated, you can select a bigger profile and header picture now. The recommended size for the profile picture is 400x400 pixels and for header images, the recommended size is 1500x500 pixels. You can check all your videos and pictures under the tab “Photos/Videos”.

To see the “List” features, click on the “More” link in the tabs. To pin a tweet of you on the top of your Twitter profile, click on the “More” link on one of your tweet and then click on the option “”Pin to your profile page”.

How much you are liking this new Twitter profile design? Feel free to share your comments below.