Cases and covers are some of the most important accessory for any mobile phone since a long time. Now with the rise of the smartphone, smart mobile phone covers are also coming out. Samsung launched one with the Galaxy Note 3 for S-View feature and then LG launched something similar for the LG G2 smartphones.

Apple iPhones cases are very popular too and you can some amazingly designed iPhone cases in the market. But they do not profile any other smart feature to an iPhone user. But now an iPhone case is available in the market which is really a creative and productive one.

Lunecase - An Amazing iPhone Case that Glows for Incoming Notifications

Lunecase, which is claimed to be “the first intelligent iPhone cover”, is a Kickstarter project. Just like any other mobile phone cover, Lunecase fits on the back of your iPhone and protects it from usual scratch, wear and tears. But what makes it intelligent is a notification panel in the middle of the back of your iPhone.

This notification panel glows and works as an indicator if a phone call or SMS comes on your iPhone. The case itself is having no battery and do not get its juice from the iPhone’s battery in anyway as well. Lunecase feeds itself on the electromagnetic signals emitted from your iPhone and uses it as its power source.

Lunecase - An Amazing iPhone Case that Glows for Incoming Notifications

Though it may sound very fascinating to many people. This technology or idea is very old. Hope that you remember the blinking small sticker for mobile phones which you used to come long time back. They used to blink for a short duration for SMS and blink continuously and for longer duration when a phone call comes, usually as long as ringing and connected on phone calls. But these blinking stickers were available for older phone models for which the SAR value were not too low like today’s smartphones.

One of the best thing about Lunecase is that it glows differently for the SMS and call notifications. So, you can easily see what’s up with your phone in a glance. Lunecase is just a Kickstarter project and wthe product will be available only from August. But you can secure one Lunecase for you right now as an early bird by paying $29 by visiting the link given below.

Click here to visit Lunecase Kickstarter page