A recent CNET article says that about 35% of Android users are using their phones to make on to go payments, and more and more restaurants and retailers are accepting mobile payment, especially from Android phones and iPhones.

If you’re a smartphone user who is a bit skeptical about this new technology, but you want to take advantage of the convenience of paying with your smartphone, we’ve got some advice for you. Here are just six tips for paying with your smartphone – safely, securely, and conveniently.

Tips to Use the Mobile Payment Safely and Conveniently

Check Out Google Wallet

Google Wallet isn’t just an app, but it functions as the finance manager of credit card on your phone. You actually need to sign up for it online, and it will store your credit and debit card information in the cloud. Google Wallet actually will even keep track of convenience and discount cards that you might carry from various stores.

Google Wallet offers the ability to check out online and in many stores, and you can even lock your credit cards if you lose your phone. It’s a good all-in-one option for paying with your smartphone.

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Be Concerned about Security

Obviously when it comes to paying with your phone, it’s essential to check out security features. You don’t want to just store your credit card information on your phone and assume no one will mess with it. Look for apps that encrypt your stored credit card numbers, require PIN entries for payment, and allow you to disable them remotely if you lose your phone.

Look at Apps from Individual Retailers and Restaurants

Some individual retailers and restaurants, including Starbucks and TGI Friday’s, have their own apps for paying tabs there. The Starbucks app is particularly convenient because you can actually load it with your Starbucks cards – gift cards and more – so that you can pay from them.

Link with Your Credit Card, Not Your Debit Card

One way to protect yourself when paying with your smartphone is to use your phone to link up with your credit cards, rather than your debit card. Credit cards have inherently more fraud protection, and, depending on your bank, your debit card may not have any protection at all.

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Stay on Top of Who Will Take Your Payments

At this time, not all businesses will accept payments from your smartphone, but some do. It’s a good idea to keep up with who will and won’t take these payments by checking out the details online. Right now, some business actually have apps that make payments with them even easier.

Chili’s and Starbucks are a couple of examples of this. But even businesses that haven’t developed their own apps for mobile payment may take payment through specialized machines or other means. If your favorite retailers and restaurants don’t take mobile payment yet, it doesn’t hurt to ask when they’ll get it set up!

Check Out the Available Rewards

As you’re deciding when and where to use your smartphone for payment, stay on top of the rewards offered for this kind of payment. Since paying by phone is easier for you and usually for the business you’re paying, too, some businesses offer rewards for these kinds of payments! Plus, you can get some great rewards if you choose to use Google Wallet, as well.

Using your smartphone to pay for items at your favorite retailers and restaurants is convenient and easy, and if you follow these six tips, it’s also a pretty secure way to pay!