One of the worst thing about buying expensive gadgets is paying taxes. Taxes are what increases the price of the product a lot actually. But there is a good news now for the Apple lovers in USA. In the upcoming weeks, some area of the United States of America will be offering ‘Sales Tax Holiday’.

As the name suggests, during the ‘Tax-Free Weekend’ products can be purchased without having the liability to pay tax on them. Apple knows very well that this can help Apple in selling more products and that is why, Apple is sending emails officially regarding this event informing its customer to buy more products during this period. Apple's email educates customer about their state's tax holiday and how they can buy Apple products without paying the sales taxes to the state.

HOW TO : Buy Apple Products Tax-Free in USA

Apple's email regarding buying Apple products without paying tax states -

If your state offers a tax holiday this summer, you can buy select Apple products without paying sales tax.

*When shopping online, sales tax will appear during checkout, but you’ll see the correct tax amount on your email order confirmation.

Funny thing is that Apple is even accepting in the email that payment system at Apple's online store is not smart enough to show the taxless amount while checking out. But customer will receive the correct amount in the order confirmation email.

But one thing people need to know that not all states in the USA are offering the “Sales Tax Holiday”. The states where you can buy Apple products without paying sales tax are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Also, not all the states will have this tax holiday on the same date. Customers in different states will have tax holiday on different dates. So, if you belong to any of these states and planning to buy a new Apple product without paying sales tax then, better to confirm the dates of ‘Sales Tax Holiday’ in your state.