Facebook News Feed is always so messed up for most of the users. It shows the stories based on the various algorithm depending on the interaction of you with your Facebook friends, Pages and interest etc. Also, the changes in "Top Stories" and "Most Recent" plays it part as well in messing up all the updates coming on your News Feed.

Due to this sometimes you miss some important updates from your friends while few updates linger on your News Feed for hours and keep coming back again and again. This makes kind of hard to find an update later in your News Feed. Earlier the only solution for this problem was to either bookmark the link of that particular post or by visiting your friend's profile to check the update again.

HOW TO : Use the Facebook Save to Read the Links, Pages and Places Later

But now Facebook is out with a useful "Read Later" called Facebook Save feature which let you save Facebook updates to check them later when you want. Facebook Save or the "Read Later" feature supports any web link shared on Facebook, Pages, Places, movies, TV shows, books, Events and music. Unfortunately, it does not support the saving of text status, images and video right now.

Facebook Save is available on Facebook web and also on the official Facebook Mobile app. The procedure to use the Facebook Save is also same for both.

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HOW TO : Use the Facebook Save to Read the Links, Pages, Places Later

1. If you are on Facebook web News Feed and want to save a web link, place, music etc shared on your News Feed then, just click on the down arrow button on the top right corner of that particular update as shown in the above image.

From the options available, click on the "Save....." option coming with the title of that weblink or place etc and it will be saved under Facebook Save.

2. Same is the procedure to use the Facebook Save for a promoted update of a Page on your News Feed. You can also visit a Facebook Page , click on the three dotted line to see more options available for that page. Click on the "Save" option as shown in the below image to save that Page to check it later.

HOW TO : Use the Facebook Save to Read the Links, Pages and Places Later

You will have to follow the same procedure for the Facebook Mobile app. Just tap on the down arrow icon on a status to get the Facebook Save option. After that tap on the Save option to save the link, page, places etc.

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HOW TO : View and Manage the Facebook Save Content

1. Go to the homepage or the News Feed of Facebook.

HOW TO : Use the Facebook Save to Read the Links, Pages and Places Later

2. On the left sidebar, you will find the "Saved" link as shown in the above image.

3. Click on it and you will be directed to the page where you can find all the contents you have saved using the Facebook Save.

4. To remove a content from Facebook Save list, just click on the "X" mark on the link saved.

HOW TO : Use the Facebook Save to Read the Links, Pages and Places Later

The content you remove from the Facebook Save page will move to the "Archive" tab. This is a nice feature and really helpful if you want to check a saved link again after removing it from your Facebook Save list. You can also clean up your Archive, by visiting it and deleting a link permanently. You can also "Unarchive" a link to move it to Facebook Save list from the Archive tab.

For mobile devices, you will find the Facebook Save option under the "More" option of the Facebook App. Rest of the procedures are same like the Facebook web.

So what do you think about this new Facebook Save feature to save the links, pages and places etc to read later? How useful it is going to be for you? Feel free to share your views in the Comments section below.