Ah, the ultimate questions about right and wrong. Since J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in The Rye to David Michod's The Rover, you cannot go through your life without being tempted to find the ultimate answers to questions like: If I help, am I selfish? If I kill for good, am I good? What is not right and why am I here watching The Leftovers when there's no meaning to life? That question is in the center of the online forum Reddit. It's a site of knowledge but also causes damage to some of its users, and so how do we label it?

We label it on what we consider to be right in our laws and in what we know. We should label it through the science we used to get through here in this modern times. When The Vikings pillaged and The Turks attacked the Rome, where is the right there? Suicide attacks, excesses of life and everything else in between: what are we to do about it? Glean on the ideas of what makes a thing right or wrong with this infographic about Reddit which shows all the charity works performed by Reddit along with its negative side.

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