Orkut was once the most popular social networking site, specially in India and Brazil. Google ruled the social networking world for many years with the help of Orkut. Slowly the Facebook started getting popularity, thanks to the hyped attached to it. It diminished the popularity of the Orkut and since Google is concentrating more on Google Plus, they are going to shut down Orkut finally just like many other Google services.

Orkut will no longer be functional after 30th September, 2014 and all the data will not be accessible to its users. But if you were or are an active user on Orkut then, Google is giving the facility to get the backup of all your important Orkut data and images.

Till 30th September, 2014 you can still login to your Orkut and use it. You can play games, write testimonials to your friends, leave messages in your friend’s Scrapbook, post in communities and export your Orkut data. Keep in mind that you can save your Orkut profile information, scrapbook, testimonials and community posts to your computer.

You can’t have the backup of your Orkut images. Instead of that you can import all those Orkut pictures to your Google+ profile if you are a Google+ user. You will have to follow a separate process for that. Here the two methods are shared using which you can get the backup of your Orkut data and images. Just follow them to save your Orkut data on your computer.

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HOW TO : Backup and Download Orkut Data and Images on Your Computer

1. First of all, sign into your Google account.

2. Visit the Google Takeout page from the link given below.

Click Here to Visit the Google Takeout Page

3. Scroll down to the Social section and select only Orkut from the list of the Google services connected to your Google account.

HOW TO : Backup and Download Orkut Data and Images on Your Computer

4. After that click on the Create Archive button. You can also select the file format for your Orkut archive data. The default file format is ZIP.

Google Takeout will start preparing the backup archive file of your Orkut data including your Orkut profile, scarps, testimonials and community posts. If your profile is having lots of data then, you can just leave the screen. You will receive an email on your Gmail account along with the archive download page link when the backup archive file of your Orkut data is prepared.

HOW TO : Backup and Download Orkut Data and Images on Your Computer

5. Once the Orkut data archive is created. Just click on the Download button and the Orkut data backup will be downloaded and saved on your computer. The downloaded ZIP file will have the data in HTML formats and images in JPEG.

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HOW TO : Import Orkut Albums and Images to Google+ Profile

1. Now, go to http://www.orkut.com/AlbumsExport

2. Click to select each album which you want to export or just Select All.

3. Once the album selection is done, click on the Import Selected option.

4. Now, all your Orkut images from the selected album will move to your Google+ profile.

What’s your take on Google shutting down Orkut? Are or were you an active Orkut user and are you going to miss the Orkut around? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.