Wearable devices are the latest rage in the gadget world and every major brand is coming out with some smartwathches, health and fitness band etc. The latest in this category is the Microsoft Band which Microsoft launched recently for the health and fitness lovers.

Microsoft Band is the mixture of a fitness band and smartwatch in terms of size and features. The display of the Microsoft Band is big and good enough to let you read the synopsis of any notification appearing on the screen of Microsoft Band. It comes in three sizes to fit on your wrist perfectly.

Microsoft Band - Full Features, Specs, Review and Pricing

As a fitness band, Microsoft Band is having all the regular features of a fitness band like activity tracker, sleep tracker, 24 hours heart rate tracking etc. It comes lots of sensors like Optical heart rate sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Skin temperature sensor, Capacitive sensor, Gyrometer, GPS, UV sensor and Galvanic skin response to provide you the accurate result of your activities.

Microsoft Band notifies of your incoming emails and shows a small snippet to let you know the content of the email. It also sync all your calendar events and reminds you about all your appointments so you never miss any of them. One of the most highlighted feature of the Microsoft Band is that it supports not only Windows Phone 8.1 but also iPhone and Android equally.

Microsoft Band - Full Features, Specs, Review and Pricing

If you are a Windows Phone user then it also syncs with Microsoft's personal assistant Cortana. You can use your voice right from your Microsoft Band to take notes and set reminders with Cortana or just to ask her to give driving directions and provide you the latest news, stocks, weather updates.

You can check your SMS messages on your Microsoft Band and reply with a standard message as well. It also shows the incoming call notification and let you send customized standard messages if you do not want to answer the call.
Microsoft Band - Full Features, Specs, Review and Pricing

One of the unique feature in Microsoft Band is that it comes with a UV Monitor which gives you a real-time measurement of the UV Index to inform you it's time to apply some sunscreen or use the sunglasses. It is also having a built-in GPS to track the distance you cover in all your physical activities.

Microsoft Band is available exclusively in USA now on Microsoft Store and the introductory price of  Microsoft Band is $199.99. You can buy the Microsoft Band from Microsoft Store by visiting the link given below.

Buy the Microsoft Band from Microsoft Store