Now we live in an era of leaked specs, images and videos of upcoming smartphones and gadgets. Whenever there is a major high-end device is going to released, Internet will start swarming with the leaked images, hardware specs and videos of the upcoming device.

And the latest in this phenomenon is the Samsung Galaxy S6. First there few leaked images from the press images which gave an idea of the design of the Samsung Galaxy S6. And now the hardware specs of Samsung Galaxy S6 are leaked from the official Samsung website.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs Leaked on Samsung's Official Website

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs Leaked on Samsung's Official Website

According to the specs hidden in the coding of the Samsung website, Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a 2K screen having the 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution and ARM 11 architecture which means it will have a 32bit processor instead of 64-bit processor. The model number for the device is mentioned as SM-G920A which suggests that this particular model of Samsung Galaxy S6 would be the AT&T variant of the device.

In the below image, the difference in design and size of the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 and S6 are shown. As we can see, Samsung Galaxy S6 will be slightly thinner and taller than the Samsung Galaxy S5. Also there are multiple screen version of the device are expected.

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According to a statement given by a Samsung employee on Reditt,
"Project Zero is indeed a real thing. I’ve also seen two different GS6 Edge variants, one with the normal Youm display on the Edge, and one with dual curved edges. However, when I went to my orientation, a few weeks before the S5 came out I got to physically see the 5.2 inch version. Samsung prototypes a lot and things change extremely rapidly.”

Based on the other leaked features and rumors of Samsung Galaxy S6, it will have a unibody casing and will be available in yellow color front design model as well.

Samsung is expected to announced the Galaxy S6 officially in Mobile World Congress which is going to be held in March, 2015. Till then we can only enjoy the ongoing stream of leaked images and spce sof Samsung Galaxy S6.