One essential feature of any smartwatch is the tracking of your physical activities and health. In the first generation of smartwatches, sensors like heartbeat rate sensor and pedometer were included which used to provide the information about how many steps you have taken, what is your current heartbeat rate etc.

And now smartwatches are getting smarter as well. Also, app developers are working on the smartwatch apps now as they are slowly getting popularity. There are many dedicated smartwatch apps available related to the health and fitness. So instead of just showing your steps counts or heartbeat rate, a smartwatch can provide you lots of more detailed information and other useful functionality related to your health and fitness.

Here is an infographic which shows a list of nice Apple Watch apps related to health and fitness. These apps are categorized in five different types as below -

1. Fitness and Wellness
2. Medication Management
3. Tracking Body Metrics
4. Internal Clinical Communications
5. Communicating with Patients

As you can see these apps are not only good for the personal purpose but also for professional usage if you work in the field of medical, health and fitness. Have a look on the below Apple Watch infographic, check the category that which type of Apple Watch apps related health and fitness you would like to install and then search for them in the App Store to download. And do not forget to share your experience or about any other nice Apple Watch which you use in the Comments section.

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Best Health and Fitness Apple Watch Apps to Keep You Healthy (Infographic) -
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