Connected Device is popular for their smartwatches which are a combination of the classic watch with technology. That is why they call their latest product “Not a smartwatch, but a watch with some smart”. After the getting positive reviews for COOKOO and COOKOO 2, Connected Devices are working on the COGITO FIT which is available on the Kickstarter now for the pre-order.

COGITO FIT is basically a combination of a wristwatch along with the fitness tracker and notification capabilities but one of the most highlighted feature of this device is that you do not need to charge it. It counts your steps and allows the user to monitor the daily physical activity. The inbuilt activity tracker works always even when it is not connected to your smartphone.

COGITO FIT Smartwatch - Features, Specs, Price and Review

COGITO FIT supports the iOS and Android devices and you can connect it with your smartphone using the Bluetooth. Once connected, you can get the notifications appearing on your smartphone to your COGITO FIT.

But since it is not a smartwatch, you can’t use it to answer a phone call, read or reply a text or email. So COGITO FIT is watch first, more than a full-fledged smartwatch just like previously reviewed Martian Notifier smartwatch. But it also let remotely trigger your phone camera, control your music, mute unwanted calls and locate your phone.

COGITO FIT uses the Bluetooth Smart technology to reduce the battery consumption of your smartphone when it is connected. And it also notifies you when the battery of your smartphone is low and needs to be charged. Just like most of the fitness bands and trackers, COGITO FIT is also waterproof. It is water resistant up to 100 meters and 10 atmospheric pressure.

COGITO FIT Smartwatch - Features, Specs, Price and Review

COGITO FIT comes in six different colors and you can even the change the bezel of the device to match your mood and outfit you are sporting on a particular day. COGITO FIT Élégance is a special edition of the device specially for the women and sports 31 high-class Cubic Zirconia which gives it an elegant and luxurious look.

COGITO FIT and COGITO FIT Élégance limited edition are now available for pre-order through Kickstarter website. The price of COGITO FIT is US$49 and for COGITO FIT Élégance limited edition, you will have to pay US$99.