So far, the biggest amount of RAM we have seen in the smartphones is 4 GB. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and a variant of Asus Zenfone 2 are having the 4GB of RAM. But soon we are going to have the Android smartphones with 6GB of RAM.

Samsung Electronics has just announced the industry’s first ever 12GB LPDDR4 which works on the 20-nanometer process technology. Other highlighted features of this new technology is as follows –

- It is 30% faster

- It consumes 20% less energy

- It is having 50% greater density

Samsung's 6 GB RAM Smartphones Are Coming Soon

Considering the density, it means that a 6GB RAM chipset will consume the exact same space as today’s 4 GB RAM chipset. So, it will be totally possible to have those 6G RAM devices without making the device bulky or giving it a poor shape.

According to the press statement released by the Samsung Electronics,

“In next-generation flagship devices, 6GB of LPDDR4 mobile DRAM will allow consumers to enjoy seamless multitasking and maximum performance within the latest operating system (OS) environments. Also, based on the new 12Gb LPDDR4, the 6GB package can easily fit into the same space used for 3GB LPDDR4 packages currently available, therefore meeting the need for greater design compatibility and manufacturing productivity in advanced mobile devices.”

So it is expected that Samsung is seriously planning to implement this in their upcoming devices and hopefully, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will come in the market with a massive 6GB of RAM. Also, Samsung is also planning to use LPDDR4 not just in the smartphones but in the production of ultra-slim PCs, digital appliances and automotive devices, in the coming years.