Sending wrong email is a very common phenomenon . It happens all the time that we send an email and after that we think that the email shouldn’t be like this and it would be great if we could delete it from receiver’s inbox.

This is why, we are having the “Recall” feature in Microsoft Outlook and some other email client. Even Gmail offers an “Undo” feature for the sent items in its Gmail Lab. But none of them are full proof because of their limitations and that is why, it is a bit difficult to undo a recently sent email.

But now we are having a nice tool which let you delete a recently sent email with 100% accuracy and other than this, it also provides the option to self-destruct a sent email from receiver’s inbox. It is like the Snapchat for the Gmail.

Dmail is a nice and useful Google Chrome browser extension which let you delete the sent email and self-destruct them as well. The good part is that only you need to install it on your Chrome browser. Once installed, a new Dmail option will be integrated in the Compose page of your Gmail. You can just turn the Dmail feature on or off using a slider.

When the Dmail is on, you need to use the Self Destruct option and set a timer that after how much time you would like the sent email to be deleted. For example, an hour, a day, a week, or “never.” Even if you have selected “Never”, you can open the sent email and use the “Revoke Access’ button to let not the recipient read it.

How to Delete, Undo or Self-Destruct the Sent Emails

The message sent is then stored to the Dmail servers and the recipient received an email with a message and a link in it which says. “This secure message was sent using Dmail. To view this message, simply click the button below.”

By clicking on it, the recipient can read the message on the Dmail page. If the recipient is also having the Dmail extension installed, he/she can read the message in Gmail itself.

Once the email is deleted, recipient will see the message “This message has been destroyed and is no longer available” in the Gmail. If the Dmail extension is not installed on his browser, he will get “Message Unavailable” note on the Dmail page after clicking the link in the email.

Click Here to Install the Dmail Extension on Chrome Browser