We all know that how social media affects our real life relationships. There are also many stories where people broke up over social media simply by changing their status to Single or by tweeting to their partner that they are no more together.

Other than this, accessing social media after breaking up can be a bit depressing if you were connected with your ex on it. You will find the images, posts, check-ins etc. on your social media profile and it can cause you negative emotions for sure.

Facebook's New "Breakup Management Feature"

And just because of this Facebook is coming out with a new feature which will help you in balancing yourself after a break up, well at least on Facebook.

This new Facebook feature that is available only on mobile and in the United States currently, comes into play when someone changes their relationship status on Facebook. In that scenario, users will be asked whether or not they want to see less posts of their ex on Facebook.

It is a pretty good way to reduce the amount of posts of your ex you see and will help you in thinking less about them. It also important to know that you don’t need to take a drastic step like un-friending your ex to use this feature. So without making things worse, you can start getting healed.

Facebook's New "Breakup Management Feature"

Users will also be able to hide the content they are posting like status, images etc from their ex. An ex will not be able to see any post until they are tagged specifically in a post. Other than this, Facebook will also provide the option to delete all the history of your ex from your profile by removing all the tags from any of your images, status and videos together.

Even though the main purpose of social media is to connect people, sometimes it is necessary to go exactly opposite of it. And due to this, Facebook is offering this new feature which can be really useful for the Love Birds.