Relationship Status on the user profile of a social networking site are one of the mot interesting thing. It helps you in knowing about the updates in the life of your friend and it also helps you in knowing that what are your chances with your crush. It is a funny but also an important feature of Facebook.

Whenever any person in your Facebook profile changes his/her relationship status then it appears in your Timeline updates. But if you are having lots of friends on your Facebook profile or if you were away from a while from Facebook then, you can miss few important relationship updates from your friends.

HOW TO : Find Relationship Status of All Facebook Friends

Visiting your friend's profile on Facebook and checking their relationship status manually can be a difficult thing. But now you can easily perform this task easily using a nice web service designed to find the relationship status of all your Facebook friends in just few clicks.

If it sounds interesting to you then, just have a look on the below steps to know about this nice way to stalk all your Facebook friends once at once ;)

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HOW TO : Find Relationship Status of All Facebook Friends in Just Few Clicks

1. Visit the URL

2. Login by clicking on the Get Started button and authenticating your Facebook profile.

3. Once you are logged in, it will fetch the relationship status of all your friends. You can either browse the detailed interface or the grid view. In the Grid view, the relationship status is represented by a small icon on the pic and you will have to hover over the profile of your friend to get the details of their relationship status... Have a look on the video below.

If your friend is in a relationship or married and the name of his/her partner is mentioned on the Facebook profile then, it will also appear on the relationship status detail of your Facebook friend.

You can see all the relationship status either categorized by user's gender or by the relationship types like Single, In A Relationship, Engaged, Married, It's Complicated, In An Open Relationship, Widowed, Separated and Divorced. If somebody is not sharing his/her relationship status on the Facebook profile then it will go under the Not Listed label.

It is a quick and easy way to find the relationship updates of all your Facebook friends in just few clicks and at the one place.