If you run a small one man organization like me, the brain of your operation is probably sitting on your computer. And if you are as daring, well actually as stupid at the time, as me you probably had all of the information on that one laptop or desktop. My laptop was heavily used, the docking station was wonderful and allowed me to utilize the big screen as a monitor, and it felt invincible and provided a false sense of the age of my laptop.

Then, I started to hear that noise, you know that noise, its sound the like the equivalent of an asthma attack, but only it’s your laptop gasping for air. Yes, it was the end, the laptop crashed and I needed immediate access to my information. If this has happened to your laptop, and you neither have the time nor the resources to send it to a data recovery company, but require immediate access to your information, here are a few steps you can take to immediately retrieve the data from your crashed computer information.

Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drives and Corrupted USB Storage

How to Recover Data from Crashed Hard Drives

First you will need another machine to access your current hard drive; then remove the hard driver from the crash laptop.

Next you need an external enclosure for the old, displaced drive. These little housings cost no more than $15-20, and they turn a formerly internal hard drive into an external one, able to plug into any USB port. Just make sure you buy an enclosure that matches the size (i.e. thickness) and interface (i.e. IDE or SATA) of the drive.

Installing it in the enclosure takes no more than a few minutes, and from there you should be able to access the drive just like any other removable storage. The only uncertainty is whether or not the external enclosure will be able to recognize it. If so, have at it--and just save any recovered photos to the new drive. If not, you might need to look at some more robust data-recovery utilities.

If you do not have an additional machine to recover data per the above, there is an alternative process for data recovery from your crashed laptop. The use of software like SalvageRecovery data recovery software by SalvageData, it will recover the data even if the operating system does not recognize the drive.

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By using File Finder, information stored on hard drives can quickly and easily be retrieved. This application makes laptop data recovery simple. Unlike every other data retrieval solution, it does not require the use of a helper technician computer. Instead the software loads on to your PC’s short term memory or RAM its own special miniature version of Windows. This tiny Windows operating system is powerful enough to start up your computer, open your hard disk, and scan it for files.

This laptop data recovery program will actually locate and recover any deleted files on that drive itself. Even if your PC has crashed and will not start, such as when you are faced with a black or blue Windows error screen, FileFinder will start your laptop and open your hard drive for file recovery.