We already know that Google is going to shut down the Google Reader very soon. People are already looking for the Google Reader alternatives available. There are some nice alternatives to Google Reader like Feedly, The Old Reader etc. But if you are a person who is using the Microsoft Outlook for the business and professional purpose all day long then, it is a nice idea to transfer your Google Reader feeds to your Outlook account.

The best thing about transferring the Google Reader feeds to Outlook is that you do not need to open a different window for feeds and you can get all the latest updates from your feed subscription in your Outlook directly. So if it is sounding interesting to you then, just follow the instructions given below to import Google Reader feeds to Microsoft Outlook.

HOW TO : Transfer Google Reader Feeds to Microsoft Outlook

1. First of all, you will have to export your Google Reader feeds to your desktop. For that, follow the instructions given on the link or the video below.

HOW TO : Backup and Export Google Reader Feeds to Another Feed Readers

2. Once you are done with importing the Google Reader feeds on your computer, open your Microsoft Outlook.

3. In the left sidebar, Right Click on the RSS Feeds link and then from the options shown, click on the "Import an OPML File".

HOW TO : Import Google Reader Feed Subscriptions to Microsoft Outlook

4. Now, an "Import an OPML File" popup wizard will appear on the screen. Browse and go to the folder where you have exported the Google Reader feeds. Select the "Subscription.XML" file from that folder and click on the "Next" button on the wizard.

5. On the next window, a complete list of all your Google Reader RSS subscriptions will be shown. You can select the feeds which you would like to transfer to Microsoft Outlook. After selecting the feeds of your choice, click on the Next button.

6. Now, your Google Reader feeds will be imported to Microsoft Outlook. You can find the feed subscription in alphabetical order under the Feeds label in the left side pane.

One thing you need to know that any customization you have made on your Google Reader feeds will not be applicable on the Microsoft Outlook Feeds. So if you are going to transfer the Google Reader feed subscription to Microsoft Outlook, you will have to do it manually again.