Bing Rewards programme which is already available in the US for sometime now expands itself and launches in India. For those who don't know Bing Rewards is a programme in which, if you enroll you can earn points while you do searches in Bing and with this points you can get different types of gifts like Amazon Gift Cards, Microsoft Store Gift Cards, and many other gifts.

In India, for now, if you join the Bing Rewards programme you get 10 points and then you can get a maximum of 10 points per day for searching on Bing. As of now, the programme is in beta and users in India can only redeem this points on For redeeming 90 and 210 points, users get Rupees 30 and 70 respectively. If you also want to get free recharges for just doing searches on Bing hook in the programme from the link here.