HTC recently launched their latest flagship device HTC 10 and I had the opportunity to try my hands on the device and check all of its features, design, hardware specs etc.

Here is a quick hands-on and first impression video of HTC 10 that I would like to share with you . Since HTC 10 is not available in the market and if you are curious enough about the device and to know more about it, you can watch the below video to get the brief idea.

HTC 10 looks pretty solid and flagship device. It also feels so good in hand and weighs less as well. The “screen-to-body” ratio is improved by removing the HTC logo on the front and off screen navigation keys to provide every inch of screen to user. But it costs the users the signature front facing speakers of HTC smartphones.

12MP UltraPixels primary camera looks great but the features are less or more same like the previous HTC One A9. Front camera comes with nice OIS feature but lacks the UltraPixels like HTC One M9+, also the wide angle view of HTC 10 front camera is not the best in the market.

HTC 10 : Hands-on and First Impressions (Video)

Freestyle Layout is creative and fun to play with but the device lacks a file manager and you will have to install a third-party app to browse and access the files. Also, there is no HTC Music app provided in HTC 10. But the high-resolution audio output is nice and having more features than HTC One A9.

For 32 GB internal memory version of HTC 10, you will get around 21.5 GB memory free. Out of 32 GB, 8 GB is occupied by the system and 2.2 GB by the pre-installed apps and data. There is microSD card slot provided that support up to 2 TB of memory card.

Overall, HTC 10 looks a nice flagship device in every aspect at the first glance but we will publish the detailed review of HTC 10 and along with the lots of videos on Geeky Stuffs and on our YouTube channel considering every pros and cons of HTC 10 soon.