India is always coming out with the cheapest products in terms of pricing in the tech world. It was one of the biggest news when India was going to launch world's cheapest tablet. After that came world's cheapest smartphone Freedom 251 with a price tag of $3.7 only.

Later many people claimed that it was nothing but a scam as the company didn't have the product and they were planning to sell smartphone of other brand by re-branding it. It was a big shock to customers as the Freedom 251 project was backed by the current Indian government.

Namotel Achche Din : Full Hardware Specs, Features and Price

And now there is another smartphone launched and it is world's cheapest smartphone, priced at just $1.5. Bangalore based Namotel has launched Acche Din with a price tag of $1.5. If you are wondering about the weird name of the device, it seems that this project is also backed by the current Indian government as the name of the phone Achche Din means Better Days, a slogan used by the current Indian Prime Minister during the election campaigns.

According to the reports, Namotel Achche Din will sport a 4-inch screen along with 1 GB of RAM and 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. The device will be powered by Android 5.1 Lollipop OS and will be available with dual SIM card slots. Amount of internal storage will be 4 GB and there is no information regarding the inclusion of memory card slot in the device.

On the imaging side, Namotel Achche Din will provide a 2MP primary camera and a VGA front facing camera. The rating of battery used in the device is 1,325 mAh.

HOW TO : Book and Buy the Namotel Achche Din Smartphone

To buy the Namotel Achche Din, you will have to go to and book the device in pre-booking. The pre-booking will be till 27th May and then you will be able to buy the Namotel Achche Din.

We tried to access the website but it was down and still down the moment this post is being written. So maybe it will go down the way of Freedom 251 and if not, we will have the world's cheapest smartphone in our hands. Hopefully.