Internet is one of the most important thing these days and when it comes to the business, it is equally important. WiFi Hotspots are becoming more and more common these days too.

People love to visit a hotel, restaurant etc. where the free WiFi service is available. Due to this, many business having the free WiFi hotspots try to highlight this feature to attract customers. So if you are a business entity then, having a WiFi hotspot is nice way to provide a better experience to your customers and a get a loyal following.

Recently I have tried my hands on the Purple WiFi Hotspot and in this article I am going to share a quick review and my experience of using the device with all readers of Geeky Stuffs.

Purple WiFi Hotspot : Hands-on Review and Features


Purple provides the hotspot service to SMBs and enterprise units. There are free and paid services provided by Purple based on the features. If you decide to go with the free plan and you are enough tech-savvy to flash Purple’s software on your existing router then, you can enjoy it.

Or you can use the Purple Hotspot that comes pre-installed with Purple firmware and all you need to do is to connect it with your existing broadband router and activate online.

Retail Box and Unboxing

Purple Hotspot comes in a small white and purple colored retail box that goes well with the brand name. Inside the retail box, you will find the WiFi hotspot device, a USB cable, an Ethernet cable along with few stickers to put at your venue to let your customers know that you are providing free WiFi.

You can watch our unboxing of Purple WiFi Hotspot in the video embedded below.


Purple WiFi Hotspot is a small and beautiful device in square shape. It weighs just 42 grams and 22 mm thin. Being square shaped, the width and height both are 58 mm. At the top, you will find a LAN port and a WAN port. There is a USB 2.0 port provided as well.

On the left side, there is micro USB port for the power supply and a hard reset button. On the front side, there is a beautiful purple colored WiFi icon along with the status indicator. On the back side, you will find the MAC address of your Purple Hotspot and some information.

Overall, the design of Purple Hotspot is really nice and the minimalist look makes it more beautiful and attractive. Also the square box shape makes it perfect to keep at any surface easily.

User Experience and Features

Setting up the Purple Hotspot is really easy and takes very less time. All you need to do is to activate your Purple Hotspot online by using the MAC address printed on the device. Once activated, take the Ethernet cable coming out of your router and insert it into the WAN port on the Purple Hostpot.

Now just connect the micro USB cable to the device and the power supply. And now you will be good to go with Purple Hotspot. Once the installation is completed, user will have the immediate access to the Purple Dashboard. The best part is that this dashboard is accessible through the cloud. So all you need a computer and Internet access to check the stats.

The free plan let you get important usage data and stat like customer’s activity, demographics, number of visits new vs repeat user and data usage on network. And by small amount you can have access to the premium features like marketing tools, in-depth report, content filtering tools, user information etc. Premium subscription also let you communicate with your customers and customize your WiFi splash page for better branding and promotion.

Purple WiFi Hotspot : Hands-on Review and Features

A user can login to the Purple WiFi by using any of his/her social media accounts or email. And they get connected to it automatically each time they visit the venue. You can block a particular user from the usage report page easily. Then that user will not be able to reconnect to your WiFi again. You can also assign the bandwidth from the dashboard that how much data a user can consume while being connected to your network.

Purple Hotspot provides the legally compliant data protection, data retention and illegal online activity reporting on your Purple Hotspot device and helps you protecting your business from any kind of illegal activities.


If you are a business then, Purple WiFi Hotspot is a must have device for you to provide better user experience to your customers, improve your business and understand your niche well. Though the marketing tools are paid, it is justifiable to get those nice features by paying a small amount.

The device is beautiful, lightweight and easy to install and manage. Purple Dashboard provides lots of nice data to understand your customer well and improve your business using the Purple WiFi services.