Smartphones bring new levels of convenience by helping us organize useful knowledge obtained through internet searches while fostering a sense of community through our participation in social media. Now smartphones can help enhance your entertainment experience — if you buy the right device.

If you’re thinking about buying your first smartphone or upgrading your device from an older model, consider a smartphone that features 1080p screen resolution. Discover five advantages that this type of smartphone can offer you.

Top 5 Advantages to Owning a Smartphone with 1080p Screen Resolution

Experience Videos in Their Intended Quality

With technology advancing at a rapid pace and becoming ever more affordable, practically everything is available in 1080p, including videos, streaming television shows, and movies. Finding a smartphone with which to experience high-quality video is easy, but you’ll also need a reliable network, which makes a smartphone like the high-performing Samsung Galaxy S7 edge smartphone on the T-Mobile network a clear choice.

When you watch your favorite videos on a device with 1080p full HD screen resolution, you’ll know you’re enjoying a top-tier cinematic experience.

Better Gaming Experience

Mobile games are becoming more popular and more advanced. Every gamer loves a program that is engaging, seamless, and fun. But what are those qualities in a game worth if you can’t experience their graphics in a high-resolution format?

Top 5 Advantages to Owning a Smartphone with 1080p Screen Resolution

Before investing your time and money in a mobile game, you’ll want to make sure you have a phone with 1080p resolution. Games such as BADLAND and Geometry Wars 3 are highly visual experiences, and you’ll want to make sure your mobile device can handle their out-of-this-world graphics.

Warning : When running games with amazing graphics on a capable device, be prepared to be at the whim of children who might ask you if they can play games on your phone.

Enjoy Better Photos

Whether you’re a photographer or you just love looking at photos, a high-resolution screen will make your viewing experience the best possible. When you’re taking beautiful vacation photos with your family, or product flat lays for your company, having a smartphone with a 1080p screen will help you see every detail, making for a perfect snap every time.

Editing photos is also a cinch. A higher-quality screen will allow you to color grade and sharpen images more effectively than on a smartphone with a lower-resolution screen.

Everyone enjoys seeing precious moments with their loved ones and reminiscing about cherished memories. Increase your enjoyment with the right mobile device. When you’re scrolling through Instagram or checking up on family members and friends through photos on Facebook, you’ll be able to better enjoy their moments when you’re using 1080p screen resolution.

Easy on the Eyes

Maybe you’re not all that into visual media and entertainment consumption and instead prefer to curl up with a good book. Or perhaps you spend most of your time on your mobile device sending business emails and you think a 1080p screen resolution isn’t a necessity in your daily life. However, you might be surprised to learn that on mobile devices that offer 1080p resolution, text appears richer and smoother.

Beyond the short-term gains, your eyes will feel a difference over the long term. Having text appear in this high-resolution format will do much less damage to your vision, diminishing your level of eye strain.

Best Online Shopping Experience

How many times have you ordered a product online only to return it once you receive it because it looks different from its photo? How many times have you been disappointed by an online purchase but found that shipping the item back would be prohibitively inconvenient?

While shopping online using mobile devices that offer 1080p resolution, you can spot small details in products that can help you make your purchasing decision. Save yourself time and money by doing your online shopping only on devices with high-resolution screens.

Indeed, 1080p screens can help you preserve your vision, help you make those important online purchasing decisions, and enhance your media experience. Whether you love to experience books, videos, or photos on your small screen, choosing a high-resolution device is an investment worth making.