Playster is a new entry and brand new service in the streaming and multimedia service space. It offers a multitude of entertainment options, including books, music, audiobooks, games and movies as well. Below, we’ve come up with a short summary of review of what this new service has to offer and what benefits it brings to the table based on each service types.

Playster Streaming Service - Features and Review

Books And Audiobooks

When it comes to reading books and listening to audiobooks, Playster offers a wide array of content from a lot of genres. The titles under this category include everything from literature designed for children to books and audiobooks from fields such as history, romance, science, religion and a whole lot more.

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Music is by far one of the best features that Playster has to offer. There is a really wide range of songs to choose from, starting with classics and continuing through to various genres, such as rock and pop. There are also sub-genres provided for a genre to match your exact taste and mood.

Not only does it feature the newest releases, but it also includes tailor-made playlists, a feature that will allow you to discover new artists and music. It was first introduced in Mix Radio. Unfortunately since Mix Radio is no more, I am glad that Playster comes with one my favorite feature. It even comes with a mood-based playlist feature, which recommends songs based on your mood.


Playster includes a plethora of movie titles across different genres, which range from documentaries to TV shows for kids. The service offers something for every member of the family. No matter what your favorite genre is, Playster is bound to have something to please you.

The only downside here is that you won’t be able to find today’s biggest cinema blockbusters on the platform.


If you opt to access Playster from your computer, a broad range of games is to be found, from educational ones for your children to adventure and puzzle ones for you. If you log on from an Android device, you will be redirected to a selection of games tailored for mobile gameplay.

Subscription and Benefits

If you wish to sign up for Playster, you have several options. You can pick the all-inclusive package for $24.95 per month or simply register for an individual media type for as little as $3.95 per month.

Once you choose which plan is best for you, you will be able to easily access millions of titles from a wide variety of content providers, such as HarperCollins, Hasbro, Harlequin, Sony Music Entertainment and Paramount Pictures. By partnering with so many famous publishers and studios, Playster has put its credibility on an incredibly high level and you know you will receive access to high-quality content when you join.

Not only does this new subscription service bring all of your favorite entertainment together in one place, but it also offers some really neat and unique features, including the likes of switching between media types with the click of a button, having multiple custom user profiles under one subscription, as well as a family plan granting everyone unlimited access to entertainment.