Education is the key to success, a better world and future. Even though education is the most important thing, there is a significant gap clearly visible when it comes to quality education throughout the world.

Just like any other thing, technology can help us in filling this gap and make quality education easily accessible to everyone. Virtual classrooms are already getting popularity and there are millions studying on their devices like computers, smartphones and tablets every single day. And now new technological innovations like Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, big data analytics can take even further.

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd and CSR Asia published a nice infographic addressing the gap in education across Asia Pacific. It shows that how technology can be used for the education of millions of unschooled children and to fill the issue of poor resources. It also shows that how different organization like education sector, government, NGOs, financial sectors etc. can work together in an ecosystem to improve the education.

This infographic also highlights few of the issues related to education like under-qualified teachers, language barrier, huge amount of out-of-school children, female literary rate etc. and how to overcome these issues with innovative solutions like automatic translation earbuds, gamified learning, virtual field trips using Augmented Reality etc.

Below is the infographic by Huawei regarding the future of education and how latest ICT like virtual reality, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality etc. can help in better education worldwide. Click on the image to view the image in full size.

How to Use Latest Technology like VR, AR, IoT to Improve the Education - Huawei Infographic

How to Use Latest Technology like VR, AR, IoT to Improve the Education - Huawei Infographic -
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