Instagram has been around for a while, and during this period of time, people from all walks of life have joined the platform, which now has over 600 million users registered, out of which around 300 million are active on a daily basis.

This level of user interactivity and the popularity of the social photo sharing application has also attracted tons of politicians onto the platform. To put things better into perspective, early on, before Instagram received so much attention and popularity, Facebook and Twitter were the platforms of choice for most politicians to post photos of themselves, or share messages with the world. While the popularity of Twitter for politicians gently declined, Facebook caught up. While the platform is still massively being used, why wouldn’t politicians consider the idea of creating Instagram accounts as well? After all, it gives them a means of sharing more photos which are not deemed as official, but also a means of accumulating a higher following, and better popularity with the masses.

Data present on an infographic blog post published by the folks behind Website Builders gives us some insight into who the top political leaders on Instagram are, and what it is that makes their accounts so popular in the long run.

The list, is, of course, started by Barack Obama, one of the world’s most popular presidents ever (twice the President of the United States of America). In total, his Instagram account ranks up 11.5 million followers, with 231 photos, and only 12 people that he’s following, thus showing that Obama doesn’t spend too much time looking at other people’s pictures.

The second place is owned by Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, with 5.5 million followers, 85 photos, and no people following. Queen Rania Al Abdullah, the Queen consort of Jordan ranks 2.7 million followers, 665 photos, and only follows 2 people, whereas the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev has 2.5 million followers, 500 photos, and follows one person. Last but not least, we also have Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of the UAE, ranking 2.1 million followers, 783 photos, and only follows 36 people.

From this data, we can clearly see a trend amongst the world’s most popular leaders on Instagram. They don’t follow others! Either they lack the time, they are uninterested, or the accounts are used mainly for promotion purposes and are not at the discretion of the leaders. After all, who would’ve believed otherwise?

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, and taking into account the data provided by Website Builders, there’s a clear trend in Instagram accounts popping up for leaders throughout the world, who are slowly, but surely realizing the potential that the social photo sharing application actually has.

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