Like it or not, the advanced technology is a part of our everyday life and it isn’t going anywhere. New technical gadgets, smart home devices, activity monitors etc. are constantly reshaping our lives. So we all try to adapt to new trends, to a greater or lesser extent. Our habits alter and it seems like all our plans and important data are packed up into a small device that we just cannot leave the house without, its majesty, the smartphone.

Staying Connected with the World

The past decade was truly revolutionary when it comes to mobile phones. They have become an inevitable part of our lives and almost every person we know owns one or more. They help us keep in touch with the ones we care about, we browse for the fresh news, stream our favourite tunes and capture our precious memories.

We use them for fun, for school and business needs, and we are available on the chat 24/7 on a number of apps. So yes, we use them for more purposes than can be counted, but how much do you know about them?

The Mobile Phone Prototype

The first hand-held phone called Simon was made by Dr. Martin Cooper in the early ‘70s. The prototype was really big and heavy and it weighed 2,2 pounds. If could provide half an hour of conversation time after 10 full hours of charging. A lot of improvements have been made since, don’t you think?

Mobile Phone Replaces the Camera

In 2000 a first mobile phone that included a camera was released in the land of the rising sun, Japan. From that moment until today, an unstoppable trend has been started. Namely, almost every mobile phone has a camera and their lenses are improving with every flagship out there. This means clear, colourful and perfectly focused selfies, 360-degrees panoramas and alike. We love it and use it all the time!

Interesting Facts

The mobile phone history is full of amazing fun facts. Did you know that there are 5 times more mobile phones than PCs in the world? There is even a special phenomena named Nomophobia that reflects the fear of being without a mobile phone or losing a signal.

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If you have ever felt your pocket or your bag because you thought that your phone was vibrating you might have ringxiety. From a total number of owners, one-third ends up damaging their phone despite the protective cases and screen protectors. If you are intrigued, check out an infographic made by MyTrendyPhone and find out all 35 of the most interesting facts.

35 Surprising Facts about Smartphones (Infographic)

35 Surprising Facts about Smartphones (Infographic) -
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